ARD/SWR-German-TV-Show «Immer wieder Sonntags»


Oberwalliser Gymnastics Competition Gampel

ARD/SWR-TV-Show «Immer wieder Sonntags»


CIRCUBA - Circo National de Cuba



Raiffeisenbank General Meeting Zihlschlacht-Muolen

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 22 March 2019 at the General Meeting of Raiffeisenbank Zihlschlacht

ASTAG Section Zurich

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 6 March 2019 at the ASTAG Section Zurich in Kloten.

Raiffeisenbank General Meeting Unteres Toggenburg

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 8 March 2019 at the General Meeting of Raiffeisenbank Unteres Togge

Live-TVShow ARD / SWR: «Immer wieder Sonntags» with Stefan Mross in the Europapark in Rust (D)

KONTERSCHWUNG was part for an additional time at the Live-TVShow «Immer wieder Sonntags» with Stefan Mross in ARD / SWR on 9 September 2018 in the Europapark in Rust. The event was public and live broadcasted on TV (with more than 2 million spectators). For the video

CIRCUBA 2018 in Havanna

KONTERSCHWUNG - The Cool Swiss Acrobats - was part of the International Circus Festival of the 50 years jubilee of "Circo National de Cuba" in Havanna from 24 - 29 June 2018. KONTERSCHWUNG is proud to be the first Swiss acrobatic group invited to the grand festival.

Police Show Hamburg 2017

KONTERSCHWUNG - The Cool Swiss Acrobats - was part of the well known Police Show 2017 in Hamburg (Germany) from 26 - 28 October 2017. KONTERSCHWUNG entertained with its cool, acrobatic, comedy show at the parallel bars with 4 shows in total.  

Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto (Canada)

KONTERSCHWUNG was participating from 27 August to 3 September 2016 at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The KONTERSCHWUNG-Acrobats performed daily twice on the International Stage and entertained the people with their cool Swiss Comedy Acrobatic; an average o