Information for consumers

(or please Contact your doctor or pharmacist)

Since 1990, this package insert was not approved by any drug authorities (Swissmedic).

What is a KONTERSCHWUNG-Show and when is it applied?

A KONTERSCHWUNG-Show is an aid in case of boredom and missing highlights at social events. A KONTERSCHWUNG-Show helps to increase blood circulation, stimulates hormones and especially triggers heavy laughing of spectators. KONTERSCHWUNG is cool, naughty, sexy and will definitely surprise you. 


When do you need to pay attention with a KONTERSCHWUNG-Show?

There are no cases, where spectators have been damaged. Alcoholic Drinks together with a KONTERSCHWUNG-Show are allowed and can even increase the great effect. In case of pregnancy, the heavy activation of the risible muscle should be limited, as there could be the risk of discharging premature delivery.


How to apply a KONTERSCHWUNG-Show?

Within 5 hours, you should not enjoy more than one show. An overdose can lead to addiction. For kids, this is less of a problem!


Where do you get a KONTERSCHWUNG-Show?

KONTERSCHWUNG can be booked without a prescription form your doctor. Please send us your request (see contact). Thank you!


What the required infrastructure for a KONTERSCHWUNG-Show?

  • A KONTERSCHWUNG-Show needs space! Best is a stage.
    Optimal: width: 8m / depth: 4,5m / high: 4,5m! (minimal: width: 6m / depth: 4m / high: 4m)
  • This space should be easy accessible for the crew and the parallel bars. Access for a small truck is helpful as well. 
    Attention! Narrow doors or stairways could caus trouble with the parallel bars. 
  • For the program KONTERSCHWUNG plays music from a CD/MP3. A powerfull sound machine needs to be in place. This is often the case if a music group is present as well.
  • The stage should be lighted appropriately. As long as the artists see the parallel bars, this reduces the risks. Attention, KONTERSCHWUNG artists wear sunglasses!


What side effects can a KONTERSCHWUNG-Show trigger?

In case you consume more than the recommended dose, there are NO serious side effects. In case the Show is copied or dublicated by a non-authorized group or in case you consume not the original KONTERSCHWUNG-Show there can be the following heavy appearances: stomach ache, flatulence, illness, sickness, vomiting, occlusion, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness and xerostomia.


Link: Package insert PDF - only in German (43 KB)



100 Years Jubilee TV Dotzigen

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 15 June 2018 at the 100 years jubilee of the gymnastics group Dotzi

10 Years Meeting Point Healthiness

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 24 May 2018 at the 10 Years Meeting Point Healthiness in Luzern.

General Meeting Raiffeisenbank Rheineck

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 13 April 2018 at the General Meeting of Raiffeisenbank Rheineck in

CIRCUBA 2018 in Havanna

KONTERSCHWUNG - The Cool Swiss Acrobats - will be part of the International Circus Festival of the 50 years jubilee of "Circo National de Cuba" in Havanna from 24 - 29 June 2018.  

Police Show Hamburg 2017

KONTERSCHWUNG - The Cool Swiss Acrobats - was part of the well known Police Show 2017 in Hamburg (Germany) from 26 - 28 October 2017. KONTERSCHWUNG entertained with its cool, acrobatic, comedy show at the parallel bars with 4 shows in total.  

Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto (Canada)

KONTERSCHWUNG was participating from 27 August to 3 September 2016 at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The KONTERSCHWUNG-Acrobats performed daily twice on the International Stage and entertained the people with their cool Swiss Comedy Acrobatic; an average o

Live-TVShow ARD / SWR: «Immer wieder Sonntags» with Stefan Mross in the Europapark in Rust (D)

KONTERSCHWUNG was part ot the Live-TVShow «Immer wieder Sonntags» with Stefan Mross in ARD / SWR on 12 July 2015 in the Europapark in Rust. The event was public and live broadcasted on TV (with more than 2 million spectators). For the video-extract (the full KONTERSCH