About Konterschwung


KONTERSCHWUNG is a self-help group of 12 addicted former parallel bars gymnasts from Switzerland. The acrobats try to cope with the withdrawl symptoms in their very own way . Normally, they rather prefer to hide in tool sheds than to present to spectators. But since some time public performances are part of their therapie. Their unique and cool show was awarded several times in Europe and helps these acrobats to integrate back again into society.


KONTERSCHWUNG includes 1 Parallel Bars, 1 Spring Board, 5 Matresses, 100g Magnesium, 1 Football, which is used for their training sessions and last but not least 12 very cool artists.

What food is preferred by KONTERSCHWUNG?

KONTERSCHWUNG artists are simple minded guys and generally eat everything to cover their high energy consumption. After their show, they very much appreciate to take care of some of your leftovers. Desserts and drinks are welcome as well.


Interview by Eventpeppers as Artist of the Week 35/2017

See all questions and answers in German on the website of Eventpeppers.



ARD/SWR-Fernseh-Show «Immer wieder Sonntags»




Dance & Dine in "Fugger" Hall, Weissenhorn (Germany)

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 20 January 2024 at "Dance & Dine" in "Fugger" Hall Weissenhorn

Year End Dinner Hächler AG, Tägi Wettingen

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 15 December 2023 at the Year End Dinner of Hächler in Tägi, Wettin

Gymnastics Gala 111 Years STV Mülligen

KONTERSCHWUNG live on 9 December 2023 at the Gymnastics Gala 111 Years STV Mülligen.

Comedy Club 19 / DAS ZELT

KONTERSCHWUNG live as Special Guest at Comedy Club 19 in DAS ZELT on 11 July 2019 in Winterthur. Together with Stephanie Berger, Claudio Zuccolini, Dominic Deville and Die Zwillinge.

Live-TVShow ARD / SWR: «Immer wieder Sonntags» with Stefan Mross in the Europapark in Rust (D)

KONTERSCHWUNG was part for an additional time at the Live-TVShow «Immer wieder Sonntags» with Stefan Mross in ARD / SWR on 9 September 2018 in the Europapark in Rust. The event was public and live broadcasted on TV (with more than 2 million spectators). For the video

CIRCUBA 2018 in Havanna

KONTERSCHWUNG - The Cool Swiss Acrobats - was part of the International Circus Festival of the 50 years jubilee of "Circo National de Cuba" in Havanna from 24 - 29 June 2018. KONTERSCHWUNG is proud to be the first Swiss acrobatic group invited to the grand festival.

Police Show Hamburg 2017

KONTERSCHWUNG - The Cool Swiss Acrobats - was part of the well known Police Show 2017 in Hamburg (Germany) from 26 - 28 October 2017. KONTERSCHWUNG entertained with its cool, acrobatic, comedy show at the parallel bars with 4 shows in total.  

Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto (Canada)

KONTERSCHWUNG was participating from 27 August to 3 September 2016 at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The KONTERSCHWUNG-Acrobats performed daily twice on the International Stage and entertained the people with their cool Swiss Comedy Acrobatic; an average o